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What you say about class....

Stephanie is always welcoming and understanding, the class has a lovely feel and is the perfect way to start the weekend. Love the style, brilliant teacher. Kerry

Stephanie is a brilliant teacher and really positive individual.  I’ve attended face-to-face and online classes; they are different experiences but one thing that they have in common is that I always feel so much better for having done them. 


I really enjoy Stephanie's Zoom classes and always feel so much better afterwards.  The classes have had a very positive impact on both my mental and physical well-being.

I would definitely recommend Stephine’s Psalms & stretches classes. She guides you through each movement and makes the class feel relaxed and peaceful. It’s a space where you feel physically, mentally and spiritually connected to God. It was such an important part of my week throughout lockdown. Morwenna

I love how it is totally non-competitive and non-judgemental.  Class is strengthening, empowering and its even teaching me how to relax.  The benefits are numerous and Stephanie is a kind and understanding teacher.  She leaves you with things to think about regarding how to live a healthier and more balance life, as well as how to improve your postures.  I find it really therapeutic to dedicate time to this each week.  Thank you for brightening and grounding my week.  Claire

I feel more relaxed and in a better head space after Ollie

Three years ago I could not walk a mile my knee was in so much pain now I can walk five to ten miles easily.  No knee replacement needed, as my right knee is strong.  All  down to classes. Dom

I have enjoyed the deep breathing calming yet invigorating stretching muscles/stress relief/ holistic benefits.  Stephanie’s approach is attentive personal, fun, gentle and positive and encouraging.  I absolutely love the classes and feel the benefits already. Wish I hadn’t started when I was 64. My joints and energy feel better and my outlook is now joyous and peaceful. Annie

You learn the correct posture and gain health benefits e.g breathing, and strength.  The sessions are relaxing, fun and healthy

Love it! Great teacher!

Great form of exercise and time you can take out from the stress of work.  It is great for your wellbeing and welcoming for newcomers. Emilio

Builds on my strength, flexibility, fitness.  Stephanie is passionate about her classes and the benefits it brings is then reflected by her students in class. Emma

It is a relaxed, and friendly atmosphere.  As a newcomer, the class is accessible.  Having an attentive teacher makes the class feel safe for beginners

Class reminds me to breathe, helps me stay focused, releasing the stress, teaches you to focus on your breathing Alex

 I like that the classes can cater for all abilities.  There is a feeling of wellbeing, strength and flexibility.  I do so much other exercise and this is so different but I believe the classes have really helped my core strength. It makes you feel good. Lin

I have enjoyed the organised programme, seeing steady progress, each week. Physical, emotional, mental wellbeing is promoted.  Class is fun and does me good in so many ways. Have enjoyed classes with Stephanie for more than three years. John  

I enjoy the gentleness and ease of it all. The suppleness in stretches, a good nights sleep, general wellbeing.  The peace I feel and relaxation and the generosity makes my day.

I enjoy that the classes are straight after work and the teacher.  I would recommend this class for people with aches and pains.  It really helped my shoulder now I can lift it above my head.

Clear instructions, lovely flow, great relaxation.  Promotes general wellbeing, flexibility, calmness.  Liz

The feeling that I have worked on my core strength and calmed my mind.  Always leave the class feeling better in mind and body

Improved calmness/lack of stress.  Noticeably better balance and strength.  Excellent teacher who supports each class member.  Benefits of having a very knowledgeable encouraging teacher. Lucille

The teaching method is thorough but not overpowering.  The movement is invigorating and comprehensive-certainly for me! A fulfilling Wellbeing.  A better knowledge of personal body movement, and attainment of a ‘core’ feeling.  It is an excellent taught class to follow and gives a wonderful feeling of calm

Lovely calming voice and I feel so good all day afterwards.  Heather

The calm, supportive and encouraging approach with good adaptions to movements. Great for posture, strength and flexibility and peaceful mind. Jo

Friendly relaxing classes with a lovely teacher.  Great for improving strength, awareness of posture and good for my mind. Enjoyable and great for releasing tension Jayne

Our teacher Stephanie is amazing and always makes the classes light hearted and no class is the same. It is good for the body and mind especially after a stressful day.  Stephanie is a truly amazing person and teacher.  She is so calm, patient, understanding and full of advice.  Stephanie is why we all love the class so much.  Emma

Classes provide a much needed moment of calm and peacefulness in the week as well as a strong practice.  Benefits are increased strength and flexibility the classes provide the guidance, modifications and support offered by Stephanie are fantastic.  I would definitely recommend to all.  The classes are so welcoming and  I'm so grateful to have such fantastic classes on my doorstep-thanks Stephanie.  Claire

Mindfulness.  It is the only thing that works for me for stress management.  I feel the impact of this if I miss a class even if its just a week.  I also do a lot of high intensity cardio exercise and this class keeps my muscles feeling good and strong.  My physical and mental health is always so much better when I attend regularly.  I feel more positive and energetic throughout the rest of the week.  Stephanie is exstreamly welcoming and kind and makes you feel comfortable no matter if you are new or a regular.   I absolutely love the class.  I pray for Tuesday lunchtimes.  Stephanie is so lovely and makes the class a pleasure to go to.  Nia

You get a feeling of Wellbeing.  I enjoy it, the teacher (Stephanie) is friendly and very clear. Vivien

I have enjoyed the way everything is clearly explained as you work through the session, and there are alternatives postures if you can’t quite cope.  I feel it is a safe and healthy workout which benefits your body and mind.  Its just great I feel calm when I leave and muscles feel worked but not stressed.  Naomi


I always come away from class feeling happier and calmer Sue

You are the best ball of positive energy.  Heather

I always feel good after class, hugely beneficial to my wellbeing.  Jeff

I have enjoyed the relaxation technique, new moves and the teacher is excellent and brings a natural flow. Feeling more healthy- awareness of my mood.  I notice if I miss classes.  A class to recommend-The teacher has a great outlook, a gentle and fun nature,  Dedicated we are lucky to have her.  I enjoy the class and look forward to going.  It is a tonic, helps me to refocus, be a better mother and friend.  Thank you for all that you have helped me with.


Stephanie, thank you.  I really enjoy how you take the class. It has made me feel so much better.  I feel very chilled and less stressed.

I always leave  feeling better than when I arrived.  Stephanie is a very positive, kind person and I enjoy her words of wisdom.  Julie

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